Global Call for Expressions of Interest
iiSBE Sustainable Building Challenge for 2007-2008

If you have experience in designing, building or operating high performance buildings, you are invited to take part in the Sustainable Building Challenge 2007-2008 process.
SBC08 is a continuation of the Green Building Challenge process that began in 1996 and that has engaged over 20 countries in project assessments, displayed at GBC'98, SB2000, SB02 and SB05.

The SBC08 process will result in the selection of a broad range of high-performance buildings around the world, to be assessed by the proponents and then presented and discussed at the World Sustainable Building Conference in Melbourne, Australia in September, 2008. Note that any broad-scope assessment system can be used in the process.
This is not a competition, but a screening process.
In this phase, we need to ensure that proposed projects offer the prospect of geographic diversity and replicability, as well as sufficient quality and type of information to justify the scarce space and time at the SB08 conference. Submission information is available for download on this page.

The steps in the SBC08 process include the following:

green Call for Expressions of Interest closes on September 15 '07;
green Notification of selected project teams, October 15 '07;
green Submission of draft information to iiSBE for verification of completeness, May 30 '08;
green Preparation of presentation materials by selected teams, June-September '08;
green Presentation at SB08 Melbourne for selected teams, September 21-25 '08.

  Download SB 08 documents (click on the name of document)
SBC 08 Global Call - English     (pdf)
SBC 08 forms - Building Project - English   (NEW - MS Excel format )
SBC 08 forms - Urban Project - English   (NEW - MS Excel format)