SBE Challenge

If you have experience in designing, building or operating high performance buildings, you are invited to take part in the Sustainable Building Challenge process. SBE Challenge is a continuation of the Green Building Challenge process that began in 1996 and that has engaged over 75 teams in project assessments, displayed at GBC'98, SB2000, SB02, SB05, SB08, SB11 and SB2014 conferences.

The SBE Challenge process results in the selection of a broad range of high-performance buildings around the world, assessed by the proponents and then presented with key performance indicators and discussed at World Sustainable Building Conferences. The last of these was in Barcelona in 2014.

Parallel sessions at WSBE17 in Hong Kong will include two 90-minute workshops focused on Building Performance Evaluation (BPE). The sessions are sponsored by iiSBE and will take place on 6 June (Session 42) and Session 84 (7 June).

Building Performance Evaluation compares performance in key aspects (e.g. energy, emissions, water, IEQ, cost) that was predicted at the design stage through simulations and other predictive methods and tools, with the actual performance as assessed during the operation of the building, after at least two years of operation.

Research and professional teams from several countries will present, analyze and discuss their own approaches to BPE in the session, supported by case studies where possible.

Such building performance evaluations are extremely useful to all major actors in the industry who want to have a better understanding of the gap in performance between design and operations.

The Canadian iiSBE team has previously undertaken this type of building performance evaluation, and presented the results of the evaluation of nine Canadian case studies at the 2014 WSB Conference in Barcelona. The results were of considerable interest and utility to the Canadian industry, and we anticipate that many other research-oriented teams may find their results to be of equal value in their own regions.

Those teams wishing to participate may make use of the protocol developed by the Canadian iiSBE team, or can use their own, as long as it provides reliable and objective results. The results should be presentable both in poster and oral presentation formats.

For more details and a Session Participation Form, please contact Nils Larsson at .