SBTool 2014

Attached below are the most recent SBTool files, for:

  • site assessment
  • mini project
  • mid-size project
  • generic

a pdf with an overview of the updated system, and the user guide.

We look forward to your feedback on SBTool 2014.

SBTool 2014 description 16Jul14.pdf1.69 MB
One page intro to SBTool 2014 18Jul14.pdf317.49 KB
SBTool System as a platform for education in SBE.pdf3.27 MB
SBTool_2014_A_GEN_Max_Site_10Jan14.zip3.42 MB
SBTool_2014_A_Mid_Dsn_14Jan15.zip3.5 MB
SBTool_2014_A_Min_Dsn_14Jan15.zip3.45 MB
SBTool_2014_A_Max_Dsn_14Jan15.zip3.57 MB
SBTool_2014_A_Min_Dsn_OneOccupancy_14Jan15.zip3.44 MB
SBTool 2012 User Guide Part A 07Dec12.pdf12.05 MB
SBTool 2012 User Guide Part B 07Dec12.pdf8.44 MB
Master list of SBTool criteria.xlsx127.84 KB