iiSBE workshop on urban performance assessment

iiSBE has organized a small international workshop on the performance assessment of small urban areas, to take place on 17-18 January at UN offices in Paris.

The workshop will include 22 invited researchers who are active in the field. Presentations will cover the development of an urban assessment tool for CESBA, the Common European Sustainable Building Assessment network that is composed of 9 European urban regions, the development of URBENERE, a similar system being developed for Latin American countries and a theoretical overview by Serge Salat who has extensive experience in this field. There will also be free discussion of urban assessment issues.

We attach an agenda outline fo the event. Unfortunately, the meeting space available is limited and we cannot invite more participants, but if you are interested in being on an information update list, please contact info@iisbe.org.

N. Larsson

Recent activity in Italy and the Alpine European Region

Our colleagues from iiSBE Italia in Torino, Andrea Moro and Claudio Capitanio, have sent us some news about what they and their other colleagues have been doing over the last few months.

To understand the following report, you should first have a strong espresso and then take a look at the acronyms for the research initiatives and groups below, and then read the news story: