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Sources of Environmental and Energy Related Information :

 AEC InfoCenter  -The "electronic expo" for architects, engineers, and contractors
 Architecture and Buildings  - An extensive list of research sources
Build It Worldwide - world's largest database of the design and construction industries
 Building Energy Tools Directory  (USA)
 Canadian Intellectual Property Office
 Canadian Institute for Science & Technology Information
 Civil Engineering Virtual Library
 COMBINE- Computer Models for the Building Industry in Europe (EU)
 Commercial Building Incentive Program  (Canada)
 DialogWeb - publications search tool
 Efficient Windows - Windows selection (USA manufacturers only)
 EIA Ups Temperature Assumptions (USA)
 Elsevier Publishers  (Netherlands) - Energy related publications
 Energy Yellow Pages
 Energy Star Computers Database
 ENVIRON Design Collaborative
 Environment Canada Green Lane
 EcoNet's Directory of Environmental WWW Sites
 Ecocycle - A newsletter on life-cycle tools, management and product policy.
 Envirolink  - Internet Environmental Library
 ERIN  (Australia) - Environmental Resources Information Network
 EREN  (USA) - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
 FedWorld Information Network   (USA) -  Government servers with the ability to search abstracts
 Federal Directory of R&D Laboratories
 Green Building Resource Guide  (USA)
 Global Energy Marketplace (USA)
 Industry Canada Document Database
 Internet Sources in Architecture and Building  (Netherlands)
 Netherlands Energy Research Foundation  (Netherlands)
 NRCan Headquarter's Library (Canada)
 Office of Building Technology (USA)
 PATSCAN (Canada) - Patent and Trademark Searching
 Swedish Building Information - mainly written in Swedish with some English pages (Sweden)
 Science Centres Worldwide
 Tri-Service CADD/GIS 
 WorldCAD Access  - part of NCT Web Magazine
 World Wide Web Virtual Library: Architecture   (Canada)   - A must for professionals.
 U.S. Global Change Research Information Office  - global environmental change research
 Yahoo - Environment and Nature 
U.S. Global Change Research Information Office (GCRIO)