RiBuilt/Zuyd University


Zuyd University, a former Polytechnic, based in the South of the Netherlands (Heerlen/Maastricht), is rapidly developing into an international renowned academic institute, that educates students and professionals for a Sustainable future.
We host faculties in Built Environment, Architecture and Facility Management, educating for Bachelor and Masters degrees (Architecture and Real-Estate management). We have research combined in RiBuilT, our Research institute for The Built Environment of Tomorrow, focusing at only establishing a 0-impact built environment, the Concept of O. Constructing The District of Tomorrow is our real life research environment.


Our students design and work on The District of Tomorrow

Research focus

RiBuilT is the Universities Research institute Built environment of Tomorrow, focussing at the Built Environment. We have adopted a strong focus, aiming only at a 0-impact built environment: at least 0-energy, 0-water, 0-materials., 0- land use, and 0-air (on different scales). More details on our own website www.ribuilt.eu. Some Research topics are: performance indicators related to the 0-targets, area (re-)development, the productive façade of tomorrow, organic solar panels, laminated bamboo frame construction. Important is our project: District of Tomorrow where students design and construct 0-concept houses, providing a permanent learning and research environment, in co-operation with Market parties.

Courses and curricula

It's possible for a limited amount of students in co-operation with their own teachers/professors, to join the thesis atelier, and design the next building for the District of Tomorrow, starting February 1st.
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Jobs: Currently there are no Jobs available.
Internships: Master level internships in the District of Tomorrow available. More info here >>
PhD: No vacant positions