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SB'04 Conferences  


The overall planning and organization for the 2004 SB Regional Conferences is being supported by CIB, iiSBE and UNEP, but the regional organizers play the primary roles and responsibilities in managing each event. Each conference will therefore be unique, but organizers are following the same generic structure in all cases. The results should therefore provide valuable opportunities for comparative analysis. In addition to two or three days of presentations and workshops, each of the regional conferences will also include:

---- A preliminary study or the state-of-the-art of Sustainable Building in the region, including best practices, techniques and tools, policies, codes and standards and related issues.
---- An awards ceremony, honouring best practice in sustainable building in the regions.
---- A post-conference publication that will act as a strategic implementation document for each region and serve as input to SB'05. Proposed strategies and projects will be presented, and will be tabled with International Financial Institutions who will be invited to respond in advance of the SB'05 conference in Tokyo.

Currently, all the events are in active planning stages and international or regional sponsors are being sought. Participation in one or more of these events offers sponsors a major opportunity to reach all major actors in the field of sustainable building.

Latin America

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South-East Asia
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