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a World Congress in Norway 23- 25 September 2002

Welcome to 3 intensive days in Oslo!

  arrow-l.gif - 88 Bytes Welfare and environment - the world's most important challenge, focusing on the importance of, and potential in a more eco-efficient building and real estate sector.
arrow-l.gif - 88 Bytes Exchange of knowledge about energy use, use of dangerous substances, waste and pollution, recycling, management and real estate development.
arrow-l.gif - 88 Bytes Implementation of solutions and administrative conditions.

More than 700 delegates from all over the world were gathered at Sustainable Building 2000 in Maastricht in October 2000. With the great interest shown at this conference, we expect a significant increase in participation when Norway will host Sustainable Building 2002 (SB'02) in Oslo, September 2002.


EcoBuild, a national programme for increased Eco-efficiency in the Norwegian Construction and Real Estate Industry, is looking forward to meet all relevant international networks and organisations at the World Congress "Sustainable Building 2002".

"Sustainable Building 2002" was assigned to EcoBuild in Maastricht Oct. 2000    


Sustainable Building 2002 (SB'02) will pursue the results from the conferences "Buildings and the Environment" in Paris -97, "Green Building Challenge" in Vancouver -98 and "Sustainable Building" in Maastricht -00 by inspiring the entire construction and real estate industry of the world to create knowledge for use, and apply it in practise.

Authorities all over the world are increasingly focusing on the building and real estate sector as the "40 % industry" in relation to the environment:

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40% of all energy and material resources are used to build and operate buildings.

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arrow-l.gif - 88 Bytes 40% of all C02-releases come from building construction and operation.

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A major part of our use of hazardous substances is related to the building sector.
    The new Head-quarter of Norwegian Telecom (Telenor ASA) is under construction on Fornebu, (the previous airport near Oslo), and is a factor 4 building. The project will have a main focus on environmental challenges, trying to create a showcase of international interest.

- a GRIP programme GRIP- a trust established by the Norwegian Ministry of Environment to increase eco-efficiency in Norwegian business.

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