Sustainable Building Challenge 2008
   Canadian SBC'08 Team

The iiSBE Canada Team for Sustainable Buildings 2008 will participate in this conference by presenting the most environmentally advanced buildings designed for construction in Canada , evaluated against a benchmark that is current new building practice in the region where the building is to be constructed.
The Team will also examine community and social issues inherent in the building design. Members represent a mix of private- and public-sector interests from across the country, and are both committed to, and capable of, representing Canada and making a substantial contribution to furthering the sustainable building agenda, both within Canada and internationally.

Name Organization e-mail Role
Bob Bach Energy Profiles Limited Team Leader
Research + Development
Nils Larsson iiSBE International
Woytek Kujawski Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation  
Wayne Trusty Athena SMI  
Jamie Meil Athena SMI  
Design Architecture 
Teresa Coady
Bunting Coady Architects
Doug Corbett
Corbett Bragg Architects
Building Science/Structural Engineering 
Doug Webber Halsall Associates  
Community Planning Considerations 
Jean-François Lepage
Teknika HBA
Danny Pearl
Doug Pollard Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation  
Design Advice/Energy and Mechanical Engineering  
Jim Clark OEE, Natural Resources Canada
Rodney McDonald Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner  
Ken Klassen
Steven Pope CANMET, Natural Resources Canada  
Gord Shymko GF Shymko & Associates
Jiri Skopek ECD Energy and Env.Canada  
Architectural Specialties 
Jackie Evans InterfaceFLOR Commercial  
Team Champions / Government
Marc Beaudoin Public Works and Gov't Services Canada  
Maria Cinquino Royal Canadian Mountain Police  



BACKUP  The tasks the Canadian SBC2008 team is undertaking include the following:


 Participate in the International Framework Committee
responsible for establishing the protocols for conducting the comparative assessments and preparing the presentations. 
 Adapt the core assessment framework
to regional and national conditions, and develop specific information required for benchmarking.
 Call for proposals describing buildings
from across Canada that meet the submission criteria.
 Select the three to five projects to receive a detailed assessment
to determine environmental performance across a wide range of criteria.
 Prepare a detailed presentation on each evaluated project for delivery at SB08
Select other projects for poster presentations at the conference.

Prepare a presentation on all Canadian projects plus other international projects having significant design aspects of relevance to Canada for presentation at meetings and conferences in Canada in the period following the conference to showcase the Canadian projects and share the knowledge about international developments in the area of sustainability.


Canada Morgage and Housing Corporation