Launch of the 2016-2017 cycle of international conferences on Sustainable Built Environment

The next cycle of conferences on sustainable building will consist of national or regional events in 2016, followed by a global conference in 2017. For this cycle, the international co-promoters have decided that a more appropriate title for the series is Sustainable Built Environment (SBE), rather than the Sustainable Building title used so far. This shift is a more appropriate reflection of the fact that we wish to cover small urban issues as well as building-scale concerns.

CIB, iiSBE, UNEP-SBCI and FIDIC now request non-binding Expression of Interest (EOI) for the holding of a single global conference on sustainable built environment to be held in 2017 (the SBE17 Global Sustainable Building and Construction Conference), as part of the on-going Sustainable Built Environment Conference series. Please note that Expressions of Interest for National SBE conferences for 2016 will be subject of a separate EOI call in early 2014.

For further information, review the files or contact the series coordinator Nils Larsson at

5 files related to EOI and RFP for SBE17 conference.zip1.5 MB