On the Path to Net Zero Housing in South Korea

Canada Wood Korea, in collaboration with the Korean Society of Wood Science Technology, held a full day workshop on February 22, 2014 in Seoul to examine progress in technologies and policies towards net zero energy housing in Korea. Among the invited speakers from Canada and Korea was iiSBE Canada member Ken Klassen.

Kenʼs presentations focused on sharing the latest trends and ʻlesson learnedʼ in Canada for creating net zero and nearly zero energy low-rise housing. This included a comparison of the similarities and key differences between Super E, an export version of Canadaʼs domestic R-2000 Standard, and PassivHaus requirements. A concern expressed by Ken is that the leap for most builders from conventional construction practices to net zero or PassivHaus will be challenging. Experience gained with introducing Super E in several countries suggests that slightly less stringent standards, such as Super E, should be considered to ensure a more orderly transition to net zero housing and avoid push-back from industry.

For further information, contact kenklassen@shaw.ca