Workshop in Arequipa Peru leading to a Peruvian SBTool

Nils Larsson spent the week of May 4 to 8 in the Universidad Catolica San Pablo (UCSP) in Arequipa Peru, leading a workshop on SBTool, followed by a public lecture on more general SB issues. The workshop was part of a relatively large research project in Peruvian terms, and will include the development of a web-based Spanish-language version of the system.

The workshop was a very interesting and rewarding experience, with detailed discussions involving 6 students and 3 professors about the structure and function of the system. The students had prepared individual analyses of the criteria and their compatibility with conditions in Arequipa. The UCSP team wants to produce bilingual versions of the tool for at least residential, public and educational buildings in Arequipa, and hopes to enlist the municipal government to cooperate with iiSBE Arequipa (20+ members) to implement them.