Concordia plans a net-zero symposium for August

Concordia University in Montreal is organizing a small expert symposium of interest for 19-21 August 2015. The event is formally called CZEBS-iiSBE Net-Zero Built Environment 2015 Symposium and is organized by the Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies (CZEBS) at Concordia University. Speakers will be focusing on issues covering smart, net-zero and resilient Buildings and Communities.

Topics will include:

1. Building integrated solar as an enabling technology for net-zero energy and resilience;

2. Energy efficiency technologies and their integration with renewables.

3. Design of net-zero resilient communities, including issues of energy, water and waste;

4. Optimizing building operation and smart buildings;

5. NZEB and low-energy building case studies;

6. Policies and incentive measures for net-zero energy communities;

7. Energy storage, smart buildings and grid interaction;

8. Education for net-zero energy: challenges for Architecture and Engineering programs.

For further information, contact Gerald Parnis at Discounts are available for iiSBE members.

CZEBS_iiSBE2015 Brochure.pdf2.27 MB