Meetings of interest in Nice

A two-day meeting took place last week in Nice, sponsored by UNEP-SBCI, a group called GI-REC (Cities, Engine to Sustainability), Energies 2050, a French NGO, and IFDD (Institut de la Francophone pour le Developpement Durable). The two days I attended were part of a week-long program that included two days for a Francophone summer university, a one-day session on “sustainable hotels” (bring your own towels?).

Some key people involved in the two days included Greg Foliente (CSIRO in Australia and active iiSBE Board member), Pekka Huovila (organiser of SB11 Helsinki and now leading the UNEP 10 YFP program), and Curt Garrigan (UNEP-SBCI who is one of the SBE16-17 conference series partners).

Rajat Gupta who heads the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development and Low Carbon Building Research Group made a very direct and logical presentation of issues,

Nils Larsson, iiSBE