UPDATE: iiSBE short survey for COP21

UPDATE: We have completed the pilot survey and you can download a copy of the report.

iiSBE staff have developed a survey in anticipation of the COP21 meetings in Paris. iiSBE has no official status at that huge and important event, but we will have some access to the outer circle of civil society groups.

The purpose of the survey is to solicit views from our key members and contacts on the possible measures that could be implemented in their regions to reduce the impact of the built environment on climate change. The results will be analyzed and a short report prepared during November.

Obviously this is a complex issue and we do not expect to identify quick or easy solutions, but we do think that it will be very useful to obtain ideas from our members who have a clear understanding of the situation and of possible measures that would be appropriate for their regions.

Buildings Day at COP21 will take place on 03 December, which is not very far away. On the other hand, the survey requires only short and clear responses from pre-selected lists. If we receive your responses before 30 October we will be able to carry out an analysis and prepare a brief report before COP21. We welcome your further distribution of the survey to members of your regional or local networks.

We must remain modest about the possible impact of this survey we consider this project to be a major opportunity for iiSBE to show its worth.

Please also note that if the report turns out to be interesting, we are likely to have opportunities next year to present and discuss the results at SBE16 conferences.

Nils Larsson

iiSBE COP21 survey report 22Nov15.pdf663.07 KB