Global ABC issues report on April meeting

The Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction or Global ABC held an organizational meeting in Paris on 18 and 19 April. The organization was launched at the COP21 event in Paris and will attempt to provide a platform for national governments, NGOs and private companies to coordinate their efforts to maintain global temperature increases to less than 2 deg.C.

This first meeting was intended only to establish the structure and process required to carry out this objective. About 90 people attended (around one big table in a very large room) and discussion took place in English and French, with simultaneous interpretation.

The Global ABC Secretariat has now issued the notes from the meeting, which appear to cover everything that took place. iiSBE will be involved in at least two working groups and we will keep you posted. We attach both the short informal iiSBE report and the official one, in two languages. The full report is worth reading.


2016 04 18+19 Global ABC - Verbatim of the two days meeting..pdf506.71 KB
2016 04 18+19 Alliance Mondiale des bâtiments et de la construction - verbatim des deux jours.pdf470.75 KB
iiSBE notes on Global ABC meeting.pdf241.43 KB