The SBE Urban Challenge at WSBE17

Parallel sessions at WSBE17 in Hong Kong will include two 90-minute workshops focused on the performance assessment of small urban areas. The sessions are sponsored by iiSBE and will take place on 6 June (Session 56) and Session 98 (7 June).

The performance assessment of small urban areas is complex, since it raises questions of scale (how large is a small urban area?), suitable key performance indicators, appropriate reference performance benchmarks (similar areas or historical values or...?).

Research and professional teams from several countries will present, analyze and discuss their own approaches to small-area urban performance assessment in the session, supported by case studies where possible.

The sessions will compare the various methods and tools that have been used to describe and assess key performance aspects of small urban areas (e.g. neighborhoods or urban districts). This is an area of research that is under active development in a number of countries around the world and the session should therefore be of considerable interest to many delegates.

Those teams wishing to participate should make use of performance assessment methods that produce objective results. The results should be presentable both in poster and presentation formats.

For further information and a copy of the submission requirements, contact Andrea Moro at