iiSBE Summer News Update

We have published a summer news update to catch up with this year’s past event and to announce some new ones. Contents include:

• A workshop on urban assessment in Paris
• Another Paris workshop on the SBE conference series
• Report on two weeks of lectures, meetings and discussions in Taiwan
• Presentation of iiSBE position paper “Plan B” at CaGBC in Toronto
• CESBA meeting in Barcelona in mid June
• SBE Urban Challenge 2020 launched in June
• iiSBE members participate in Turkish project on nZEB
• Issues with Building Research & Information (BRI)
• iiSBE Chapter formed in Canada
• Announcement of our Annual General Meeting
• A series of short updates on the forthcoming conferences that will take part in the SBE 18-20 series

You can download the PDF news file and also some related files here...

iiSBE News 18 July 2018 v6.pdf1.46 MB
Notes on SBE meeting Paris Jan. 2018 REV.pdf273.21 KB
iiSBE BPE project 24-10-2014.pdf2.44 MB
Notes on urban assessment workshop Paris, January 2018.pdf297.3 KB