Richard Lorch launches on-line open access journal

As you are probably aware, Richard Lorch has been a valuable advisor to iiSBE and SBE as well as having a major international reputation from his past role as Editor-in-Chief of the Buildings Research & Information (BRI) journal.

Richard has now left BRI to launch his own on-line journal called Buildings & Cities, and two calls for papers have already been issued. The address for the journal is and you can see an outline of aims and objectives at Richard has called on the skills and experience of several well-known colleagues to manage various aspects of the editorial functions. These include Ray Cole, Faye Wade, Niklaus Kohler, Sofie Pelemakers and Fionn Stevenson.

The first Call for Papers closed on July 15, and is shown below.

Call for Papers - special issue of Buildings & Cities

Climate Justice: The Role of the Built Environment
Guest editors: Anna Mavrogianni (UCL) and Sonja Klinsky (ASU)

This special issue will specifically explore the roles that the different scales of the built environment play in the climate change and inequity nexus. It seeks to examine the full implications of the built environment on social inequities and human development in the context of climate change: how might climate change or climate policies exacerbate these problems, what the scale of this is likely to be, and what policies, strategy solutions, resources and capabilities may be required to manage these concerns within and between countries.

The second Call for Papers closes on 28 September:

Call for Papers - special issue of Buildings & Cities: Closing Date for ABSTRACTS is 26 SEPTEMBER 2019

Thomas Luetzkendorf, a long-time member and valuable adviser to iiSBE, is acting as Guest Editor for this special issue on Carbon metrics for buildings and cities: Assessing and controlling GHG-emissions across different scales.

This special issue goes substantially beyond the calculation of embodied and lifetime energy / CO2, to explore th following:

(1) what should be the appropriate units of assessment and how these could operate across different scales (building, neighbourhood, city, region) of the built environment

(2) how units of assessment could operate across different scales (building, neighbourhood, city, region) for each country’s / region’s built environment.

(3) how units of assessment for the built environment can engage with the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and the more recent commitment to limiting global warming to 1.5 C or less.

Full details about the scope of the special issue, the background, full range of topics, information about submitting abstracts and timeline can be found at:

The Closing Date for ABSTRACTS is 26 SEPTEMBER 2019.

Richard Lorch has demonstrated his high level of editorial and technical skills during his tenure at Building Research & Information, and we expect that Buildings and Cities will allow him to demonstrate these qualities at an even higher level. Please help make this journal an outstanding success.

Nils Larsson