Beta version of iiSBE Damage Assessment tool

We attach a beta version of a damage assessment file we have been working on with our European colleagues. The file is intended to provide a way for building-sector professionals in Ukraine and adjacent European countries to develop approximate estimates of damage to urban areas or buildings caused by military action.

The system is also designed to allow damage assessments of earthquakes or climate change impacts, such as windstorms, wildfire areas, sea level rise, riverine flooding, urban heat islands.

Selections and values are hypothetical and are only intended to show how the system could work. The results should therefore be seen as preliminary and very approximate indications of damage costs. Also, sustainable reconstruction will require that this damage assessment tool be complemented by other files, such as SNTool or SBTool, to provide indications of the most effective sustainable planning and design approach.

This is currently a simple Excel file and users should note the following features and limitations:

* The file is intended for use as a first-pass assessment, and we assume that subsequent work would be done with more precise assessments.

* Our objective is to provide indicators that can be used for all building and infrastructure types, focussing on Euro estimates for repair to bring the item back to the pre-event state (not high-performance, which comes with SNTool or SBTool).

* The language feature has been somewhat damaged by the last revision process and needs to be updated (my job).

* This is a work in progress, and one of our colleagues is developing an on-line version of the tool, so you will see future posts on the website to keep you informed.

Nils Larsson

SRCTool Ukraine damage assess 29Jan23.xlsx2.12 MB