Management of SBE Conference Series changes hands

The Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) series of conferences began in 2000, operates on a three-year cycle and is operated by a small number of international organizations including:

* International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction, CIB,;
* International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment, iiSBE,;
* International Federation of Consulting Engineers, FIDIC,;
* UN Environment Programme, UNEP,

Coordination of the partners' activities and of the overall affairs of the partnership has been led during the past 22 years by Nils Larsson, Executive Director of iiSBE.

On June 1, Nils Larsson handed control of the management of the series to the team of Dr. Greg Foliente (Uni Melbourne) and Dr. Thomas Lützkendorf (KIT).

Updates will appear on the SBE website at

Greg Foliente can be reached at