Report on SBE23 Asia-Pacific Shenzhen Conference

Dr. Greg Foliente represented iiSBE and the other SBE partners at the SBE23 Asia-Pacific Shenzhen Conference in the last week of November. The event focused on the aspirations, interest and efforts of key stakeholders in Shenzhen and its broader region to address the sustainability challenge in the built environment. There were more than 2,000 participants and many would-be on-site attendees had to be turned away because the sessions (and rooms) were over-subscribed.

The event was organised by the Shenzhen Green Building Association on behalf of three levels of government (national, provincial and local municipal) and industry in China. The thematic focus of the conference was on thinking and acting to ensure a Net Zero Earth. The main conference was followed on 25 November 2023 by a Green City and Building tour.


SBE23 Shenzhen was attended by more than 2,000 participants, including 35 distinguished VIP guests from 14 countries, and more than 400 government officials, academic scholars and professionals. There were more than 200 speakers in 20 thematic sessions, including one focused on tropical countries in the region, the Greater Bay Area region (Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau), the Sino-Swiss-German Forum and the UK-China Forum. On Day 1, the officials and VIP guests launched the Shenzhen Initiative to achieve a Net Zero Earth.

Greg gave an opening remark and a brief keynote talk (context- and goal-setting) in the opening plenary, and provided a closing remark and invitation to WSBE24 (a virtual event scheduled for next June), including the awarding of best papers in the closing ceremony. He also gave opening remarks in several roundtable/forum sessions along with government officials and also joined VIP guest meetings.


The promotional signage across the city (starting at the airport) and in various public places was impressive. The deployment and implementation of technology (e.g., EV infrastructure in buildings and in the city including supercharging facilities – 5-min EV charging for 200km) added to this impression.

Dr. Greg Foliente