Important new climate paper and related webinar discussion

A team of climate scientists, led by James Hansen (USA) have prepared a paper which is also the subject of a seminar on YouTube. The paper is long and complicated and I can’t pretend to understand the complicated sections, but you can link to it here.

However, the YouTube webinar ”Intimate Conversation…” webinar at
clearly presents some very interesting facts that throw a new light on global temperature increases.


Hansen and his colleagues predict a considerably higher rate of temeperature increase than assumed by IPCC . One of the suggested factors is a reduction in atmosperic aerosols, such as SO2, which reflects some of the incoming solar gain. Ironically, one of the reasons for the reduction in aerosols is the fact that shipping lines are reducing the use of heavy bunker oil which produces large amounts of SO2. In any case, the authors suggest that the 1.5°C limit is "long dead” and that the 2°C prediction is on its deathbed.

Happy Christmas and New Year…

Nils Larsson

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