Presentation on Integrated Design Process

On 15 April N. Larsson of iiSBE made a 75 minute virtual presentation to 60+ staff members and consultants acting as project managers, as expertise professionals and design facilitators for projects being constructed by Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI), the dedicated agency of the province of Québec.

The presentation focused on the essential features of the Integrated Design Process (IDP), a method that focuses on changing the building design process with the goal of substantially improving the energy and environmental performance of buildings. After 5 years of deployment of BIM-IDP integrated practices, SQI wished to return to the very basics and key success factors of IDP of its major projects under management, of 10 M $ + value and 50 M $ + subject to current provincial regulations.
The webinar was organized by Martine Reid-Brochu, a senior advisor in integrated BIM-IDP practices within the SQI and responsible of a Facilitation community of pratice. She can be reached at
A bilingual version of the PPT file was presented. Here we attach two separate PDF versions, one in English and the other in French.

Nils Larsson

IDP FR overview 17Apr24.pdf14.2 MB
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