Czech Sustainable Building Society chapter

Czech Sustainable Building Society - iiSBE Czech


Basic information

Czech Sustainable Building Society was established in 2005 in Prague as a national chapter of iiSBE. The Society’s main goal is to provide an independent platform for promoting principles of sustainable building. By its public awareness activities it helps to motivate the main stakeholders of construction industry to deliver sustainable buildings of high quality and environmentally friendly performance. The Czech iiSBE chapter has 43 members (32 individual and 11 companies).


The Society's activities follow up with iiSBE activities that in the long term focuses on promotion of the principles of sustainable building in the GBS process aiming at motivation of the building industry, so these principles were introduced in international building practice. Czech Sustainable Building Society is the Czech national group of iiSBE and formally represents it within the Czech Republic.

Main activities

  • Cooperation on development and enforcement of the system for quality assessment of buildings from the aspect of criteria of sustainable building
  • Support for creating the system for certification of integrated quality of buildings (from the aspect of criteria of sustainable buildings) and enforcement of its implementation into Czech system of legislation
  • Support for educational programmes, innovation and research project in the sphere of sustainable building
  • Organization and co-organization of popularized and scientific seminars, trainings and conferences in the field of sustainable building
  • Development and providing of internet information systém on sustainable building


Jan Růžička
CSBS secretary
Thákurova 7
166 29 Prague