Euro-ELECS takes place 21-24 July

We bring you a final reminder that the Euro-ELECS conference will take place in one week in Guimaraes, Portugal (usually reached via Porto). This event will bring together a number of researchers, primarily from Brazil and Portugal, for several days of intense presentations and discussions over three days, followed by one day of technical visits.

The conference will include presentations by well-known European speakers, including Miguel Almado, Augusta Hermida, Manuela Almeida, Ronald Rovers, Thomas Luetzkendorf, Petr Hajek. Non-European speakers will include Cristina Engel de Alvarez and Miguel Sattler from Brazil, Tatsuo Oka from Japan and Nils Larsson from Canada.

This is an excellent program and there is still time to register. Registration to Euro-ELECS 2015 is available at http://civil.uminho.pt/Euro-ELECS-2015/en/Registration.php