SBTool 2015/16

Attached below are the most recent SBTool working and descriptive files, for:

  • site assessment
  • mini project
  • mid-size project
  • generic

a pdf with an overview of the updated system, and the user guide.

We look forward to your feedback on SBTool 2016.

SBTool System as a platform for education in SBE.pdf3.27 MB
SBTool 2012 User Guide Part A 07Dec12.pdf12.05 MB
SBTool 2012 User Guide Part B 07Dec12.pdf8.44 MB
Master list of SBTool criteria.xlsx127.84 KB
SBTool Overview 04May15.pdf12.96 MB
SBTool Complete 04May15.pdf6.24 MB
SBTool 2016 description 21Jul16.pdf1.27 MB
SBTool_2016_Generic_Mid_Dsn_07Sep16.zip3.17 MB
SBTool_2016_CostaRica_Mid_SITE_25Aug16.zip1.45 MB