Update on the SBE Conference Series

Much has happened since we last reported on the Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) conference series.

This year, our colleagues have organized very successful national / regional events in Brussels, Scilla (Calabria), Helsinki and Prague. You can see summary reports of these events as prepared by the organizers.
Turning to the rest of the year, the next event will take place in Tokyo in early August. We will then have three conferences in September (Milano, Graz and Cardiff), then Temuco (Chile) and Thessaloniki in October, and Malta in November. SBE conferences in Shenzhen and Seoul in Korea during December will round out the year, and then we get ready for the global event, the World SBE conference in Gothenburg in June 2020.

All of this activity may leave you a bit confused, and so we provide you with an updated series schedule and the summary reports that are so far available here.

Don't forget to look for news and conference papers on our SBE series website, at www.sbe-series.org.

SBE19 Helsinki Conference Report.pdf43.06 KB
CESB19 Summary report_final.pdf1.79 MB
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SBE19 BAMB Summary Report.pdf201.21 KB
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