Euro-ELECS takes place 21-24 July

We bring you a final reminder that the Euro-ELECS conference will take place in one week in Guimaraes, Portugal (usually reached via Porto). This event will bring together a number of researchers, primarily from Brazil and Portugal, for several days of intense presentations and discussions over three days, followed by one day of technical visits.

The conference will include presentations by well-known European speakers, including Miguel Almado, Augusta Hermida, Manuela Almeida, Ronald Rovers, Thomas Luetzkendorf, Petr Hajek. Non-European speakers will include Cristina Engel de Alvarez and Miguel Sattler from Brazil, Tatsuo Oka from Japan and Nils Larsson from Canada.

This is an excellent program and there is still time to register. Registration to Euro-ELECS 2015 is available at

Meetings of interest in Nice

A two-day meeting took place last week in Nice, sponsored by UNEP-SBCI, a group called GI-REC (Cities, Engine to Sustainability), Energies 2050, a French NGO, and IFDD (Institut de la Francophone pour le Developpement Durable). The two days I attended were part of a week-long program that included two days for a Francophone summer university, a one-day session on “sustainable hotels” (bring your own towels?).

Concordia plans a net-zero symposium for August

Concordia University in Montreal is organizing a small expert symposium of interest for 19-21 August 2015. The event is formally called CZEBS-iiSBE Net-Zero Built Environment 2015 Symposium and is organized by the Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies (CZEBS) at Concordia University. Speakers will be focusing on issues covering smart, net-zero and resilient Buildings and Communities.

Workshop in Arequipa Peru leading to a Peruvian SBTool

Nils Larsson spent the week of May 4 to 8 in the Universidad Catolica San Pablo (UCSP) in Arequipa Peru, leading a workshop on SBTool, followed by a public lecture on more general SB issues. The workshop was part of a relatively large research project in Peruvian terms, and will include the development of a web-based Spanish-language version of the system.

SBE series coordination meeting

On 5 and 6 March, a meeting was held at the offices of UNEP-SBCI in Paris, to coordinate actions related to SBE16 national conferences and the global WSBE17 Hong Kong conference. Most of the 20 national event organizers, except for some SBE16 organizers located in Australia and Asia who communicated by Skype. Meeting notes will soon be available.

Nils Larsson, SBE series coordinator.