iiSBE at Chatham House seminar on Ukraine reconstruction

Nils Larsson (NL) represented iiSBE at a one-day seminar on June 20 focused on the reconstruction of Ukraine held at Chatham House, a well-known think tank in London. There were about 200 persons in the live audience and ca. 1,700 logging in to the web link. The following comments are quasi-random comments and do not claim to be comprehensive.

Management of SBE Conference Series changes hands

The Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) series of conferences began in 2000, operates on a three-year cycle and is operated by a small number of international organizations including:

* International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction, CIB, www.cibworld.nl;
* International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment, iiSBE, www.iisbe.org;
* International Federation of Consulting Engineers, FIDIC, www.fidic.org;
* UN Environment Programme, UNEP, www.unep.org

Report on Izmir workshop on Turkish reconstruction

The Izmir seminar on earthquake reconstruction took place during April 26-27 and ended with a full day student design workshop on temprary housing.

The sessions were organised and led by Dr. Ilker Kahraman, Head of Chamber of Architects İzmir Branch and Lecturer at İzmir University of Economics.

We attach a report on the issues related to sustainable reconstruction and also notes related to Chile's experience with recovery from major earthquakes.

Support for Izmir meetings on reconstruction

iiSBE has been asked to help in organising a series of meetings in Izmir focusing on the sustainable reconstruction of earthquake-damaged areas in Turkey. The meetings will take place during the period April 26-29.

The principal organiser is Dr. Ilker Kahraman, who is Head of the Chamber of Architects İzmir Branch, lecturer at İzmir Univeristy of Economics and representative of İİSBE in Turkey.

Beta version of iiSBE Damage Assessment tool

We attach a beta version of a damage assessment file we have been working on with our European colleagues. The file is intended to provide a way for building-sector professionals in Ukraine and adjacent European countries to develop approximate estimates of damage to urban areas or buildings caused by military action.

The system is also designed to allow damage assessments of earthquakes or climate change impacts, such as windstorms, wildfire areas, sea level rise, riverine flooding, urban heat islands.