iiSBE and the sustainable reconstruction of Ukraine (update 15Jun22)

We now include an updated Ukrainian-language version

An international group of iiSBE members and other colleagues have developed a proposal to support the sustainable reconstruction of urban areas in Ukraine.

As is widely known, the invasion of Russia has led to the widespread damage and destruction of many urban areas in Ukraine, primarily southeast and eastern urban areas.

Latest SBTool and PPT

We have posted a the latest version of SBTool and also an updated descriptive PPT that explains the structure and features of all iiSBE tools, including SBTool for buildings and SNTool for neighbourhoods.

Nils Larsson

SNTool 2022 released

The 2022 version of SNTool for small urban areas is now available. We attach the XLS file set and also an updated PPT descriptive file.

Comments and suggestions are encouraged and should be sent to:

Nils Larsson: larsson@iisbe.org and
Andrea Moro: andrea.moro@iisbeitalia.org

A year-end retrospective


iiSBE underwent a two-year hibernation during the pandemic and is now being re-booted. We have successfully used Zoom to stay in touch with key members in various countries, and we also carried out various tasks that are suited to the use of Zoom.

Tom Woolley chairs a UK climate committee

Tom Woolley, a long-time iiSBE member, tells us that he is now chair of the UK Clean Air Steering Committee which involves him in a lot of work with various Universities, Government departments and research councils. You can see the news content at: https://www.ukcleanair.org/category/news/

Amidst all this activity, he has published a new book. Tom's address is: tom.woolley@btconnect.com