Izmir Sustainable Cities and Buildings Workshop

Ilker Kahraman (iiSBE member in Izmir Turkey), Andrea Moro (head of iiSBE in Italy), and Nils Larsson (XD of iiSBE) led a workshop on building sustainability and neighbourhood performance assessment in Izmir, Turkey during Feb. 5 and 6, 2020, using the iiSBE SBTool building performance assessment tool and the SNTool neighbourhood assessment framework tool as platforms for development and discussion.

On 5th of February, 200 people from different municipalities, universities, chambers contributed to presentations and discussions in a plenary session. Participants in the workshop on 6th February included 86 local officials, mainly architects and planners, from 10 local municipalities within the Izmir Metro area. Their main task was to discuss values relevant to their localities to enter into the SBTool and SNTool in order to establish weighting of importance of various issues.

The purpose of the workshop was to develop sustainability guidelines specific to the city of Izmir for buildings and neighbourhoods, and to create awareness on the subject.


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