iiSBE and the sustainable reconstruction of Ukraine (update 22May22)

An international group of iiSBE members and other colleagues have developed a proposal to support the sustainable reconstruction of urban areas in Ukraine.

As is widely known, the invasion of Russia has led to the widespread damage and destruction of many urban areas in Ukraine, primarily southeast and eastern urban areas.

The file is intended to address several key issues: to recognize the severe human and physical damage caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to identify urgent and long-term reconstruction needs, and to emphasise key environmental principles that should be considered during reconstruction in the face of climate change impacts.

Such factors must be tabled in advance, if they are to be considered when decisions to fund reconstruction are made. We hope that those placed in charge of reconstruction efforts will recognise that the integration of climate change considerations into this process will have major long-term benefits for the Ukrainian people and economy.

A discussion paper has undergone several drafts, and is now awaiting a suitable moment for submission to Ukrainian authorities and NGOs for further action. A Ukrainian-language version of the proposal is now available.

Nils Larsson

дій для сталої відбудови України від iiSBE.pdf3.83 MB
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